Splash Design creates, imports and distributes motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories.

  • MACNA Cooling vest Evo

    What does it take to be cool these days? Just the Cooling Vest EVO and about 0,6L of tap water. Cooling your body without getting your clothes wet. Click here for more information


    Splash Design is a wholesale company run by motorcycle enthusiasts. We have been importing and distributing motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories since 1991. We do this not only in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; we now have several branches in both Eastern- and Southern Europe.


    As a motorcyclist, you have probably heard of our brands in the past: HJC, Schuberth, Airoh, Cardo, Oakley, Forma and MACNA are a few of the strong brands we represent. Most proud we are of MACNA, which is not only developed by our own design department, but also exported to nearly 60 countries worldwide.

    From gloves to motorbike covers, with a range of almost 14.000 products, we have everything you need!